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Shri Uwassaggaharam Parshwa Tirth, Nagpura

durg tourist place

Parshwa Prabhu Charan

This is a Jain shrine in Nagpura established in 1995. Located on the banks of the Sheonath river, the campus houses temples, guest houses, a garden and Naturopathy and Yoga Centre. The entrance to the resplendent marble temple of Shri Parshwanath is through a 30 feet gate that has the idol of Parshwanath, supported by four pillars (representing the four essentials of spiritual atonement, i.e., wisdom, introspection, good conduct, penance), being worshipped by two elephants. Sacred water, amiya , oozes from the idol here. Hundreds of pilgrims visit this shrine on full-moon.


Maitri Garden

Bhilai Maitri Garden

Zoo in Mairtri Garden


A zoo cum children's park, maintained by the Bhilai Steel Plant. The highlights of the Zoo are exotic animal and avian species, lake, toy trains and others. The musical fountain, situated on the island in the artificial lake in Maitri Garden is a dynamic spectacle which responds to the music in a way that interprets the style and rhytmm of the musical performance. As the music plays, jets of water shoot in the air, twist, sway, pirouette, pulse, drum and skip with the beat - each movement lit by brilliant colours. 2 shows are organized here in the evenings, on alternate days. White tigers are the main attraction of the zoo. Every year a flower show is organized here.